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Seminar on Peace, Diaconia and Immigration from the prespective of the Sant’ Egidio community

Venue: Eteläranta 8, Helsinki

Welcome to the seminar on peace, diaconia and immigration!

The seminar’s key note speaker is Professor Dr. Leonardo Emberti Gialloreti. He is the Interreligious and Ecumenical Dialogue Coordinator of the Roman community of Sant´Egidio. Dr. Emberti Gialloreti is a professor of medicine, specialising in epidemiology. Commentaries to the key notes will be given from ecumenical perspectives.

Sant’Egidio is a Christian community born in 1968, right after the second Vatican Council. The Community pays attention to the periphery and peripheral people, gathering men and women of all ages and conditions, united by a fraternal tie through the listening of the Gospel and the voluntary and free commitment for the poor and peace. The community is known above all for its diaconal work and for combining prayer and service.

You can participate in the seminar on site in Mikael-sali (Eteläranta 8, Helsinki) or via Teams.

Teams link:

The seminar language will be English.

The seminar is arranged by the Ecumenical Council of Finland and The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Finland. 

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